Blooming Balconies in Oshawa, Whitby


Who says you need a backyard? Here are tips for a blooming balcony

National Post Published:Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's true! Spring starts in less than one month. So get ready to jazz up your condo's balcony. Following are gardening tips from Charlie Dobbin, horticultural director of Canada Blooms, (canada blooms. com).

-Make sure your container provides proper drainage (use gravel on the bottom, if necessary).

-Always use potting soil for container gardening. This soil provides optimal porosity and water retention. Select a brand with a pH level of about 6. -Opt for plants with similar water and light needs while also trying to mix plants of different forms, textures, colours and shapes.

-Note shady versus sunny areas and windy versus protected locations; will change the water requirements. Fertilize every two weeks with water-soluble fertilizer and water, water, water!